Monday, September 21, 2009

The Truth Concerning "The Devil's Company"

I'm going to be honest on this blog, because at this point in my filmmaking "career" I can afford to be honest.

I don't like "The Devil's Company" and where it's going as a film. Though I don't think it was a waste of time and a great learning experience I am unsure if I'll ever publicly release the film. I will finish it personally though and the actors/crew will get their copies but after that I think that's where the lifeline of the film will end.

This would be the first film of mine I've never released online.

- Antoine Bandele (Director)

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billimarie said...

Oh no !

I feel like I should share a story. One of my first "films" (ie, something that I made with an actual crew/cast), "Sugar Water," gave me the same feeling. I hated it when I was finished; wasn't proud, etc. But my high school teachers pushed me into releasing it to various film festivals and what do you know...I ended up getting a whole bunch of awards for it. That made me seriously consider becoming a filmmaker. So you really never know ! Give it a chance. : )